A traditional, passionate family business


Fromages Spielhofer is a dairy which produces cheese in the best traditional manner, using cutting-edge tools. We only use milk from our region and are in close contact with the farmers.

Our family business is today run by its second generation of managers, Cédric and Florian Spielhofer. As manufacturer of Tête de Moine, we are a very active exporter and deliver to over 65 countries.


The white gold from Jura pastures

We work with silage-free mountain milk, bought exclusively from local farmers. Their 1200 cows in total must spend at least 120 days a year out in the pasture; their feed must be 100 % local and silage is forbidden. Every day, 7 days a week, we process over 50,000 litres of raw milk which we use to make 20 kinds of cheese as well as butter.

Everyone is talking about: Tête de Moine


The Tête de Moine (monk’s head in French) speciality cheese was invented hundreds of years ago at the Jura monastery of Bellelay. Since 2001, it has been known as “Tête de Moine, Fromage de Bellelay AOP”, a protected designation of origin. This semi-soft cheese is scraped, forming the typical, thin rosettes. Spielhofer sells about half of all Tête de Moine cheeses.


Guaranteed origin

For the Tête de Moine, we also only use milk from our region.


Strict guidelines

All Spielhofer specialities are produced according to the strictest guidelines.


On a first name basis with local farmers

Excellent cheeses can only be produced using perfect milk. And our 70 suppliers are the very embodiment of this quality. They are local farmers who work close to nature and are like family to us.

Each day, we collect the milk from the previous evening and early morning milking and process it within a few hours. The quality of the milk is checked every day.


Gruyère from the Jura mountains

The name of this hard cheese is derived from its original home, the Gruyère region in the canton of Fribourg. Today, the AOP production area includes the cantons of Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel and Jura and some municipalities in the canton of Berne. Spielhofer produces “Le Gruyère” cheese according to the strict AOP specifications.

Exported worldwide


Spielhofer is not just a cheese dairy but also a trading operation. We export our products to over 65 different countries. 80% of the Tête de Moine we produce goes abroad.


Star exports

Besides Tête de Moine, we also export Mont Soleil and Montagne du Jura, for example.


Regional character

We only use milk from the Bernese Jura, from farmers we know in person.


Our craft, our passion

Manufacturing cheese is a matter of experience and tradition. Although we use the latest modern production tools, the stages of production are still exactly the same: high-quality raw milk is standardised and rennet is added followed by a bacterial culture. The mass is carefully heated, stirred and sliced until it becomes grainy in consistency. Then it is pressed, matured in brine and finally stored in the cellar... No colouring agents or preservatives are added and, of course, the strictest hygiene standards are observed: Spielhofer is certified according to ISO standards FSSC and IFS.


A feast for the senses

Learn about the world of Tête de Moine & co during a visit to our cheese dairy. We guarantee it is a feast for the senses!



You can visit at any time - take a look at our small exhibition, observe the cheese-making process, watch an interesting film, answer questions along our circuit and buy some treats in our shop.



From Monday to Friday, we organise visits for groups of 10 people or more. Over 1.5 or 2 hours, you will learn about the whole production process and of course wine and cheese-tasting is included!


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