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Distinction category Tête de Moine "Swiss Cheese Awards 2014"...
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Tête de Moine production: 260t
Tête de Moine sales: 850t
Storage: 400‘000 Pcs
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8 million liters of milk processed is 20,000 liters / day
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We are an innovative and constantly evolving family company. The original cheese dairy was taken over by Josef Spielhofer in 1982, and is today still managed by him, his wife, their 3 children, and in the mean time approximately 30 employees.

Our cheese dairy is located in St-Imier, in the magnificent Swiss region of Jura-Bernois. Here we make natural products of outstanding quality. We produce about 16 sorts of different cheeses as well as mountain butter. The cheeses are matured right here in our cellars at St-Imier.

Our cheeses are cared for daily until they reach a perfect state of maturation and taste exquisitely. We invite you to visit our demonstration cheese dairy and to come find out about all the stages linked to the art of cheese making right up to the point where they end up on the shop shelves.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Your Spielhofer Cheese dairy

Renewable Energies

Natural Gas

By using natural gas we are able to significantly reduce the cheese dairy’s C02 emissions.

This gas is the most eco-friendly option when compared to all other fossil fuels.

In comparison with heavy fuel oil, natural gas has undeniable environmental advantages:

32 % less GHG s, 99 % less S02 emissions, 70 % less NOx emissions, 70 % less fine particles.

The Spielhofer Company is ‘OPALE’ Certified.

This certificate confirms that the cheese dairy only uses environmentally-friendly energy sources. The energy we use is derived from hydraulic electricity and electricity generated by local wind turbines. Thanks to our contract with the Juvent company, the cheese dairy is entitled to use the label ‘Eolienne’ (meaning wind-powered) for its popular ‘Eolienne cream cheese’.


CO2 and Methane Gas Emissions Due to the Use of Fossil Fuels


The Cheese Dairy in a Few Figures

8 million litres of milk are transformed into different products


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