Le Cavalier

The Freibergers are coming!

A mild hard cheese from a farmer who foregoes the use of mechanisation and only works with horses - obviously Freiberger horses from the region.

They are compact and of square build in equestrian terms, with a short, stable back and strong neck. Freibergers are the last original Swiss horse race to come from the Franches Montagnes (Freiberger in German) hills in the Jura. Our supplier uses these horses to cultivate his fields. His cows seem to appreciate the gently cultivated pastures because the milk he delivers for Le Cavalier is of extraordinary quality. Le Cavalier (the Rider, in English) is a mild, semi-soft cheese, matured for three to four months. Its flavours are aromatic, fruity and pure.

Le Cavalier
Semi-hard cheese
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Where can I buy Le Cavalier?

You can order Le Cavalier online or buy it directly from our shop. You can also find the cheese in well-stocked cheese shops in the region.

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