Milchkanne Yoghurt

Variety of flavours

Yoghurt – natural that gives strength and vitality

Inspired by our traditional production method, we bring out the best in nature to create yoghurt that nourishes body and soul. Whether you crave fruity freshness, nutty sophistication or natural purity, our selection of full-flavoured yoghurts will undoubtedly delight your palate.


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What will it be?


Apple yoghurt

The crisp freshness of apples is perfectly set off by the creaminess of the yoghurt.


Apricot yoghurt

The fruity sweetness of apricots and the creamy consistency of the yoghurt blend into a refreshing treat.


Pêche-Melba yoghurt

The elegance of peaches and the sweetness of raspberries combine to create a seductive yoghurt treat.


Raspberry yoghurt

The intensity of raspberries gives this yoghurt a fruity and refreshing flavour.


Blueberry yoghurt

The depth of the blueberries combines harmoniously with the creamy texture of the yoghurt to create a wonderfully balanced treat.


Strawberry yoghurt

The gentle flavour of strawberries meets the creaminess of yoghurt.


Mocca yoghurt

Coffee meets yoghurt – experience the intense flavours of mocha in a creamy composition.


Nature yoghurt

Pure and unadulterated, this yoghurt offers the pure essence of fresh milk.


Wild Berry yoghurt

We combine a colourful variety of juicy wild berries to create a harmonious taste.


Lemon yoghurt

Refreshing and invigorating – lemon yoghurt combines tangy citrus notes with a creamy consistency.


Stracciatella yoghurt

Creamy yoghurt with fine chocolate pieces – a sensual combination of mildness and crunchiness.