The Cheese Dairy

The milk is collected daily…
Every day our tanker trucks go to about 50 to 60 different milk producers located in the mountains (between 700 and 1200m altitude) to collect the fresh milk and we transform it immediately when it is still at its freshest. This represents about 20.000 litres of milk every day.

….and processed right away.
Every single day, under the attentive eyes of our visitors, our master cheese makers and their team produce approximately 1000 wheels of Tête de Moine AOC cheese as well as other dairy products. The production takes place between 8h00 and 17h00, 2 to 3 times a day according to the season. Twenty hours later, the cheeses are removed from their moulds and immersed in a salt bath for 24 hours.

The cheeses are rubbed on a daily basis….
After the salt bath, the cheeses are placed on boards made of spruce wood and stored in our cellars. Each individual cheese gets rubbed and attended to every day until it is perfectly matured.

…and are then delivered to our customers
Every week our insulated truck delivers our speciality products to destinations all over Switzerland.