Our Cheese factory consists of 5 different departments:

The Production Department

A team of 4 to 5 dairy technologists work in the cheese dairy 7 days a week. Approximately 20.000 litres of fresh milk are collected daily by means of 2 tanker trucks. Besides from 14 types of different cheeses (hard, semi-soft, and soft cheeses), the cheese dairy also produces fresh mountain butter and curd cheese.

The Cheese Cellar and Packaging Department

The Spielhofer cheese dairy employs 3 to 4 people who are responsible for the maturation process of the in-house cheeses as well as those from other cheese dairies. The packaging is also taken care of onsite by 6 to 7 employees.

The Transport Department

Every day 2 tanker trucks go to about 60 different milk producers to collect the fresh milk and bring it back to the cheese dairy. We also have our own transport truck that delivers a big part of our cheese orders to destinations all over Switzerland. We use external carriers for our other cheese deliveries.

The Marketing Department

The Spielhofer cheese dairy markets all its own in-house produced cheeses, as well those of certain other cheese manufacturers. The cheeses are sold in Switzerland, but a big part of our produce is destined for export.

The Administration Department

In order to ensure a proper functioning of the company and to guarantee a perfect organisation, we employ 3 full-time people to handle the administration.