The Cormoret cheese dairy was established in 1928 by the Cormoret cheese manufacturing company. At that time, almost all of the 250.000 kg of milk was used as milk for regular consumption and the rest was transformed into Gruyère cheese.

In 1982, at the age of 24, Josef Spielhofer was a milk-buyer at Cormoret and in the process of finalising his mater’s degree. His wife Edith, took over the responsibility of the small grocery store along side the raising of their then 1-year old daughter.


In 1983, the cheese dairy began to make ‘Tête-de-moine’ cheese. At the start, 30 % of their milk was transformed into ‘Tête-de-moine’, but this proportion rapidly increased.

In 1981, their daughter Nadine was born, followed by the births of their sons Florian in 1984, and Cédric in 1987.

In May, 1990, Josef Spielhofer took the step of purchasing the actual cheese factory along with the milk quota from the milk producers. In parallel, he also bought the 400.000 kg surplus milk production off a small nearby cheese dairy.

In 1991 the Cormoret cheese dairy expanded with the addition of a new cheese cellar.

The Renan cheese dairy was integrated into the company in 1998.

As of the year 2000, milk was also purchased from the La Ferrière dairy company.

In 2002 the ISO 9001 certificate was obtained.

In November 2003, the Cormoret and Renan production sites were both transferred to St-Imier. The one-man company became a public limited liability company, named ‘Fromages Spielhofer SA’.

2004 : Cooperation started-up with the wind turbine company, Juvent SA at Mt-Crosin, for the purchase of wind power used for the production of some of the cheeses.

2007 : Together with the LEU Anlage Bau company, a fully automatic robot was developed for the production of the Tête-de Moine cheese.

2010 : The BRC certificate was obtained.

2011 : The reception area was transformed into a demonstration cheese dairy.

2012 : The cheese dairy decided to replace the BRC certification with an FSSC 22000 certification.

2013 : Two new machines were procured for the cutting and packing of the half-sized Tête de Moine AOP cheeses.

2015 :

Installation of 2 new open vats of milk each 6600lt capacity
Installing extra cheese press with a capacity of 496 Tête de Moine
Construction of a new soft cheese cellar

Today the Spielhofer Cheese Company processes about 10 million Kg of milk/year and produces 14 kinds of cheese. The company employs 30 full-time employees.